AROMA awakens reminiscence

Enjoy our Hand-poured 100% Soy Candles made with Natural Essential Oils en Casita de Lissie.


The New collection is a work of AESTHETIC value by Hailz.

Add elegance & elevate your home with a scented sculptural art piece with an interesting feel. Each is uniquely formed in a textured finish, giving it an aesthetic look. Their natural beauty will transform any space while adding a touch of tranquility.

Fun Fact- they are handmade by my 10yr old daughter, my sweet Hailz & i.

Enjoy! -xoxo Hailz

The Signature Collection

LAroma Signature Collection

LAroma Candles is a leading supplier of quality soy candles, votives, and... 

Room + Linen Spray

Room + Linen Spray

Room + Linen Spray  Our Room + Linen mist spray can be... 

About LAroma Candles

LAroma Candles is inspired by the beauty of Reminiscence.

With our All Natural ingredients and concentrated aromas, we spread the beautiful memories that is in you. 


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At Laroma Candles, we proudly offer our customers an array of scented candles and accessories. From classic, traditional fragrances to contemporary aromas with a twist, you'll find something perfect for any occasion. Our specialty is scented jars that are perfect for gifting year after year — on Christmas eve, New Year, anniversary, valentine's day, and =more.

Eliminate Negative Vibes With Laroma Natural Candles

In a world surrounded by negativity, we must find ways to combat the negative energy. Negative energy can be felt in the air, and it can be felt in your home. Negative energy can come from anywhere, including people. If you want to impact your life positively, you need to start with your home. Your home is one of the first places where people will see your personality and how you live your life. Therefore, you must have an environment that inspires positivity and happiness. Our aroma natural candles are a great way to eliminate negative vibes in any room of your house. These candles are made with 100% natural ingredients and have no harmful chemicals or toxins, so they are safe for every part of your body, including your skin and clothes. They also don't leave any stains on anything either. These scented candles will give off an aroma that makes anyone feel relaxed and happy, which is perfect for those who need some extra love when they need it most.

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At Laroma Candles, we are committed to providing you with the best quality products at the best prices. People should get what they pay for when it comes to their candles, so we offer a wide range of fragrances and sizes at affordable prices. So, why think or rethink, explore our collection and buy an aroma candle?