LAroma Candle A brand whose mission is to illustrate the pleasant recollection of fond memories.

There is always a story behind every AROMA.                                                     
LAroma Candles are here to capture those random memories that make you smile no matter what is going on in life and essentially trigger thoughts of your future.
Created by Lissie Aquino, a young Latina woman whose own journey of self-discovery during moments of reminiscing led her to pursue one of her biggest passions in life, LAroma Candle Co.
When Lissie produced her first candle "MULHER" in 2021, it immediately sparked reflections of growth that blossomed into the woman she is today. Each of her signature candles liberates you to express your inner self.
LAroma Candles is inspired by the beauty of reminiscence, with our all-natural ingredients and concentrated Aromas, we spread beautiful memories within you. 
With LAroma Candle co. Lissie is able to express her inner self and connect with humans who are on the same path.
Our All Natural- Handmade Soy Candles are poured in small batches and infused with luxurious scents.  
 Made in Casa
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