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Mulher Room + Linen Mist

4oz - Aroma Notes: Peony, Musk Amber, Peach

Our fine mist sprayers distributes the spray nice and evenly throughout the air, this helps ensure your linen + room area sprays last a long time with little to no waste.

Our Room + Linen mist spray can be used all over your home, linen, clothes and car for a fresh burst of fragrance. Use them to freshen your sheets, curtains, and pillows daily! Linen and closets, keep one in your bathroom or even spray lightly on your clothes/coat before leaving the house. Our mist sprays are perfect for freshening your car on the go too! Carry in your purse for a easy way to bring your favorite LAroma candle co. Aroma with you on the go… the options are ENDLESS!  Did i tell you that they are also BODY SAFE! 

-Non toxic 

-Vegan (no animal products and no animal testing // although My Ginger boi enjoys them!

-Made with: Organic 100% natural essential oil, paraben/phthalate-free fragrance oils

Available in our top selling/ favorite signature aroma blends MULHER & DEVOURAME and available in our winter collection aroma; WINTER, and available in our soon to launch SANITY collection LLUVIA D’ EUCALYPTUS. 


**Remember to SHAKE WELL before every use         ENJOY! 

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